It is an inflammatory process making the melanocyte stimulating hormone, MSH, super active , giving rise to skin darkening & hyperpigmentation especially in sun exposed areas & most of the time it is an idiopathic event.


Step 1

Apply a little into your hand and smooth over your face using circular movements. Then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Step 2

Apply a few drops of the moisturizer evenly to your face, eye area and neck before gently patting it in. Wait for the product to absorb before applying the sunscreen. To reduce skin sensitivity, use regularly in the morning and/or evening.

Step 3

Soak the sponge in water for a while and press it several times to expel the excess water before using. Massage gently on the face or body in circular motions.

Step 4

Apply a small amount gently to the face and neck.

Step 5

It is used at night on face and around eyes. if skin feels dry, put moisturiser on top of it.Before starting to use it, do a patch test on a small area on face for 3-4 nights.If there is burning, itching, redness , irritation or skin starts gets darker, stop using it.